Book Review: Thank you, God, for blessing me by Max Lucado



Written by well-loved Max Lucado, this book is designed for children 0-2 years old. It is a short book, filled with bright illustrations of Litter Hermie the caterpillar. Throughout Hermie’s day in simple poetic format, he remembers to thank God for all the blessings he encounters. What I thought was rather creative about this book is that the pictures seem to tell an additional story. Hermie eats breakfast, then goes to play ball with his friends. Unfortunately, Hermie loses the game to Wormie, yet despite that, he is thankful for his friends and asks the Lord to help him to be kind and obedient. Over all it’s a simple, short book designed to teach thankfulness to tiny tots.

Their were a couple things I didn’t really like about the book. One was the poem; it’s really poor poetry with inconsistent meter and weird rhyme pattern. Now most people (especially small children and babies) won’t care, but why not extend quality to all ages? Also, I wish the book was a little longer (it consists of a total of 10 pages) because the illustrations are so darling; they really make the book worth while, and I like the idea of teaching thankfulness to children of all ages. I suppose it’s short because 21st century children are supposed to have short attention spans. 

Even though the poetry did disappoint me, the book is cute and I will read it to my beautiful baby girl when she gets big enough to see the pictures.


This book was given to me by Thomas Nelson publishers as part of their Booksneeze program. I am writing my own unbiased review.


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