Books I Read in 2011

  1. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol (Just like a dream)
  2. Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carol (see above comment)
  3. Nicolas Nickleby by Charles Dickens (Hilarious. Excellent caricatures)
  4. Indiana Driver’s Manuel (poorly written)
  5. Crazy Love by Francis Chan (Since God is so big, what are you doing in your life that requires faith?)
  6. Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner (21st century satire)
  7. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (inspiring. Magnificent story with the gospel so cleverly intertwined)
  8. The Baby Name Workbook by Collen Cunningham (good thoughts on some do’s and don’t of naming another human)
  9. The New Tea Book by Sara Perry (how tea is grown and harvested. The difference between black, green, oolong and white. Ttea is so good for you)
  10. Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbel-Mcbride (a “diet” that makes me not feel sick 24/7)
  11. Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg (helped me understand that childbirth is not a scary as I thought it was. Definitely helped prepare me for birth).
  12. Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley (practical advice for raising children. Keeping the end in mind.)
  13. A King for Brass Cobweb (one of my favorite book as a child. Contains memorable characters and lovely illustrations)
  14. The Treasure Tree by Gary Smalley (children’s book to help them understand personality types.)
  15. The Joy of Natural Childbirth by Helen Wessel (how to prepare for natural childbirth in story form. Looking at childbirth from a biblical point of view. Dispelling some misconceptions about childbirth that Christians have. Some of the medical information is a bit out of date.)
  16. A Journey Through Grace: A Theological Novel by Richard P. Belcher (Explains the Five Points of Calvinism in story form as well as addressing objections to them. Easy to follow.)
  17. The Duties of Parents by J.C. Ryle (Short and Inspiring. Are you actions, teaching, training and discipline going to help or harm your child’s soul? Makes me think twice about all the parenting advice I read and receive.)
  18. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin (Information presented helped me to have a calm and focused mind during childbirth.)
  19. The Blessing John Trent and Gary Smalley (Am I actively seeking with my words and actions to impart a blessing to my kids?)
  20. Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League (I only read half this book. The breast feeding information was great, but the parenting advice was not helpful)
  21. Gabby, God’s Little Angel by Sheila Walsh (adorable children’s book. LOVE the illustrations)
  22. On Becoming Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo (I took ideas from this book and created my own flexible breastfeeding schedule: 1. I am in charge, not the clock or the infant. 2. Feed the baby when he/she is hungry. These two things make my schedule easier to follow. I don’t follow the exact Babywise method because every baby and family is different.)
  23. Night, Night Blessing by Amy Parker (lovely illustrations soothing and relaxing. Great bedtime story)
  24. Thank you God for Blessing Me Max Lucado (Good length for my 4 month old)
  25. Gaps Guide by Baden Lashkov (helpful ideas in implementing GAPS diet)
  26. The Vaccine Book by William Sears (explanation of vaccines, ingredients, why they are important, why they might be potentially harmful, alternate schedule if worried about side effects.)
  27. Infant Baptism by Brian Holstrom (explanation on Presbyterian view of baptism)
  28. 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know by Kay West (modern etiquette book for the 21st century young lady)
  29. She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith (romantic play) (Kindle)
  30. Invasion by Jon Lewis (young adult sci-fi about impending alien invasion) (Kindle)
  31. Alienation by Jon Lewis (second book in trilogy)

not to mention parts of a smattering of books on pregnancy and birth.

We will see how 2012 plays out in the book reading department now that I have a little infant to care for and train. One of my goals is to post more books reviews.

I will say, breastfeeding not only provides a wonderful opportunity to relax and bond with my baby, but also provides me with at least an hour (scattered throughout the day) of reading time.