Cruel Harvest: A Memoir by Frances Elizabeth Grubbs

Cruel Harvest: A Memoir

Frances Grubbs is a singer, songwriter, and speaker. She and her husband Wayne also started the non-profit “Feed the Hungry Children” which helps the hurting people of Kenya. Her ministry has helped and blessed many people. But to truly understand he heart for people, it helps to understand her history. Cruel Harvest is the story of how she grew up in a migrant worker family with an extremely angry and abusive (in every form possible) father.

The story starts out when she is very young and documents he life till about age 14 when she is able to escape her father. This book is a hard one to read. How could a father be that cruel to his wife and children? And how could anyone recover from the physical and psychological torture they endured? But this story is not just a story about destruction; it is also a story about renewal. All of Frances’s family abandons her father and is scattered away from each other. Through the help of her second husband, Frances is about to find and be restored to most of her siblings.  Bringing healing to their hurts as well. She is also able to find the grace to forgive her father for all the wrong she endured.

But how could this broken and battered little girl who had suffered and lost so much (she actually became an alcoholic and married a man much like he father) ever accomplish anything with her life, let alone something so great? God’s grace is the only answer. All through Cruel Harvest there is a little theme that runs through: her childlike belief in God. She prayed to him during the darkest times, and He walked with her and preserved her life eventually healing her and renewing her whole family. Through this book, the reader comes face to face with just how awful Satan’s plan to destroy this family is and how successful he was, yet God’s grace and healing is strong than any of Satan’s schemes and that is the real beauty of Cruel Harvest.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson through their book sneeze program. The opinions are all my own.