My garden (easy tomato sauce recipe)

My garden

My garden


I’m not afraid to try new things, except for gardening that is. Even though I grew up on a farm, every plant I tried to grow, as a kid, was either barren or died. Once again this year gardening season rolled around and I said, “I’ll try it next year.” Besides I was 7 months pregnant and moving to a new house. And then low and behold a friend gives me two heirloom tomato plants, two pepper plants, and a basil plant. How could I just waste two lovely purple, organic, heirloom tomato plants? So I “sowed and I hoed and I watched my [little Italian] garden grow.” And just like in Muncha, Muncha, Muncha* I was convinced that little bunnies would eat my plants.

They didn’t.

There was only one slight problem with my plentiful garden, we don’t like nawrrring on raw tomatoes. So I sauced them. But seriously making tomato sauce isn’t fun. A person has to blanche, and chop and deseed and cook put them through a masher thingy, and then can them.  I don’t have time to shower let alone make tomato sauce.

But my mom saved the day with this little back-woods-Idaho trick. Never mind all that skin and seed removal, just throw all the tomatoes in a blender and the chuck ’em in a jar and your set.

Making and canning tomato sauce

  • Wash tomatoes
  • Chop tomatoes into quarters
  • Blend to a smooth sauce in blender
  • Bring to boil
  • Add herb (or just leave plain)
  • Cook tomato sauce
  • Fill canning jars with  boiling water
  • Pour out water
  • Add boiling tomato sauce
  • Put lid on with ring loosely secured
  • Wait for lid to seal as the jar cools
  • Store

And for you visual people










Note: I did use this sauce in a lasagnas and a pizza; it turned out nice. Also, when you blend it, it will have the consistency of a smoothie, but resist the temptation of watering it down because it looks to thick. The boiling will change the slurry into regular tomato sauce.

*Most of my literary allusions come from Honora’s favorite books since that’s all the literature I read now.