Thursday Meditation: Quote by George MacDonald

This has been my prayer this weekend while I was dreadfully sick.

“If I felt my heat as hard as stone; if I did not love God, or man, or woman, or little child, I would yet say to God in my heart, ‘O God, see how I trust Thee, because Thou are perfect, and not changeable like me. I do not love Thee. I love nobody. I am not even sorry for it. Thou sees how much I need Thee to come close to me, to put Thy arm round me, to say to me ‘my child’: for the worse my state, the greater my need of my Father who loves me. Come to me, and my days will dawn; my love will come back, and, oh! how I shall love Thee, my God! and know that my love is Thy love, my blessedness Thy being.‘ ” -George MacDonald*

I think of my little daughter crying over a hurt or offense, and her father kindly calming her down and listening to her, hugging her, kissing her, and speaking truth to her. Sometimes she goes away happy other times she still sulks, but she is secure.

Oh to be that vulnerable with my heavenly Father! To rest in His grace as it renews my heart. This prayer by George MacDonald is my new prayer in time of suffering be it small or large.

Honors sitting in a basket while Ryan sleeps on the floor.

Honors sitting in a basket while Ryan sleeps on the floor.

*qtd in Elizabeth Elliot’s Keeping a Quiet Heart by Revell (bold text my own)


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