Clarke Clan: New Addition of Honora Jane


Mommy and Baby a few minutes after the birth.  When I first saw her, I said, “Wow, I can’t believe that was inside of me!”



My mom switched her plane ticket as soon as the doctor thought she might be early. Good thing she did since Honora came 11 days early. She was able to be there and support me during my daughter’s birth.  



Rebekah Houser was able to be there for Honora’s birth.



Cameron came by later for a visit.



Papa, Mommy, and Baby all together!


We love her so much!


My wonderful and most amazing husband was with me throughout the whole labor and delivery. My desire was to have a totally natural birth, and with Ryan’s help, I was able to accomplish this. He was such a great coach, reminding me to focus, breath, and relax when the contractions got hard. (I love you, Dear.)



Three generations of oldest daughters!



Grandma Larson bought Honora an adorable going home outfit.



Going home!!



Her Papa is pretty proud of his new kid.



This is a rare picture with her eyes open. She sleeps CONSTANTLY.



This is her stubborn face. I have a feeling this facial expression isn’t going away. She looks like an old school marm at such a young age.



Grandma Clarke made it up for a visit.



Honora with both her grandmothers. They make her smile Smile.



Our little family! Ryan and I are so blessed.


We chose the name Honora Jane Clarke for our daughter.

Honora (pronounced Anora) means honorable woman. The more I thought about the name Honora, I was reminded of a woman from the Bible. She doesn’t have a name, but I think that the name Honora would have fit her very well. She is describe in Proverbs 31. When reading through the passage, verse 25 stuck out to me as a little blessing I would like to pass onto my daughter. 

Strength and honor are her clothing;
      She shall rejoice in time to come.

I pray that these attributes will one day characterize my little Honora.


Jane means God is gracious. I won’t lie; the last nine months have been hard, and it’s only gotten more difficult now that the baby is on the outside. Yet God has poured out his grace and given me the strength to be a good mom and wife. I want Honora to never forget that God is gracious even through the hardest of times.