Clarke Clan: April Fool’s Day 2015

April Fool’s Day

Last year was the first year that I did anything, and since it was such a success I thought I’d try it again.

In all fairness, I don’t actually play tricks on my kids (I’m waiting till they get a little older and develop a sense of humor) usually I make a silly meal for dinner. Also I don’t always get my April Fool’s prank pulled off right on April 1. My kids have no concept of time, so I can get away with doing it a few days after April 1 if need be.

Silly Egg Breakfast

Honora huffing over her yogurt and peach

Honora huffing over her yogurt and peach “egg” breakfast

If you can’t tell, it’s just a peach in yogurt. Honora was not amused that I called it an egg. Little literalist.

Dinner: Calamari with Broccoli and cauliflower and chocolate chip cookies.

April Fool's dinner: Hot dog octopuses, mashed potato black bean

April Fool’s dinner: Hot dog octopuses, mashed potato black bean “cookies,” peas and carrots Jelly Bellies.

Ok so I wasn’t Calamari; it was spaghetti noodle and hot dog octopuses.

And they weren’t actually chocolate chip cookies; they were mashed potatoes and black beans cooked in a cookie shape. Honora also insisted on calling them hot dogs with noodles instead of octopuses. Way to spoil the fun.

For dessert we had peas and carrots: Jelly Belly peas and carrots that is. The peas and carrots were the best part of the meal, and poor Auntie Anna had her peas and carrots confiscated too.

Rosalyn enjoying her meal

Rosalyn enjoying her meal

The meal was enjoyed by all; especially since Mama and Papa went out for a dinner date afterward.