My Favorite Mug(s) or Why Tea Time is the Best

Last fall my in-laws were visiting.
I consented to allow my mother-in-law to use my favorite mug for her tea: it was cute green Starbucks mug with ribbing around it. One that I had for years.

Unfortunately she broke it.

MIL: “Oh sorry I broke your mug.”
My Husband: (rolling his eyes) “all her mugs are her favorite ever.
Me: “Actually, he’s right. Don’t worry about it.”

Thankfully my mother in law has a great sense of humor.

I love mugs.
90% of my mugs are my favorite because they were given to me as gifts from people I love.
5% I bought because ‘it was love at first sight.’
3% were my husbands before we were married.
2% are not my favorite.*

Here is a few pictures of my mugs
Darling Starbucks mug from dear friend (I used the mug so much she finally gave it to me).

Starbucks mug

Starbucks mug

Creative green mug my husband (who at the time was just a friend) had hand crafted for me by the highly acclaimed Georgian artist A.E. Goff.

Artistic green mug

Artistic green mug

Ryan’s nondescript Blue mug

Blue mug

Blue mug

My aspirations in life (besides teaching Shakespeare) is to own a tea and cupcake shop and sell adorable mugs. I’ll call it Cups with Cakes.

What’s Wrong with Me?
So you may ask, why are you so attached to your mugs?
I am addicted to tea.
Haha, just kidding, not addicted, well maybe…

Not just the tea, but the relaxation it brings with it. Years back, when I was a teacher, I developed the habit of taking time for tea every afternoon. Going through the ritual of brewing and drinking the tea, helped my brain to relax and refocus. Now that I am a mom, life still gets so crazy and busy a little time to relax and recharge is vital to my sanity.

Every day in the afternoon when that slump hits around 3, I like to take some time to brew and drink a lovely cup of tea (and a little snack). Seriously if I don’t I usually end up wandering aimlessly around the house and nothing is accomplished. This helps me relax and refocus giving me the reserves to make it through “toddler and baby witching hour” which hits about 5 pm.

My Tea Time Ritual

3 minutes to boil water
5 minutes to brew tea
2-5 minutes adding cream and sugar or milk and honey and waiting for it to cool off.
10 minutes to sip: tea is not gulped down; it is sipped.

20-23 minutes of de-stressing time (I usually just round it up to 30 min.)

Here are some of my favorite teas to sip during tea time

London Fog
Chai Tea

*For you engineers, the % are used more as a literary device than actuate estimates of my mug collection.